2011 Round up

Posted by John Window on 8 December 2011 | 13 Comments

  • A busy year

    A busy year

From a purely physical point of view this has been a very busy year, we finally obtained permission to erect the new covered school and what a bonus that has been for both us and clients. More space, better environment and of course improved safety. It wasn`t until we turned on the new lights to the new covered arena roof, that we realised how dingy and dated the lights in the `old` school had become. So we updated them. We also put 16 tonnes of rubber down on the surface. As far as we are aware we are the only riding centre inside the M25 two have two indoor schools and free access to the new school by full livery clients.

With Winter now upon us, it’s cold, wet and windy and if anything like last year, snow, snow ,snow. We must all be mad to work with horses. Slipping and sliding around on frozen yards and muddy fields.  Have the little loves got enough hay in the field, is the trough frozen, have their rugs been torn from their backs by less fortunate friends, oh and there`s  a fence down, all to be done before it gets dark at three o`clock.

A light in my stable doesn`t work I hear a livery client cry, no problem Madam, we`re on to it quicker than BT, not that that`s difficult. It`s dark in the morning and dark again in the afternoon, so staff have certain jobs to get through in daylight, turn them out, bring them in, change their rugs, more work less time. So when you encounter a member of staff suffering from S.A.D give them a nice smile and a word of thanks J


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