Spring Cross Country Clinic @ Lodge Farm

Posted by Alison Window on 3 April 2013 | 1 Comments

 During the Easter holidays, fifteen of our young riders with their own ponies and horses enjoyed a cross country day out at Lodge Farm, Matfield, Kent. Mount Mascal Stables Instructors, Fiona Jones and Adam Heitman, as well as Alison Window, Proprietor were all on hand - with their many years combined expert knowledge and experience - to guide and encourage. And, with parents coming along to support and spectate, excitement and some apprehension among newcomers was in the air.

First-time pony owners, the Venner-King family with their lovely coloured Zebedee purchased for daughter Nellie from Mount Mascal Stables riding school were certainly a little nervous. But, as Nellie’s mum explains ‘We had the best time. My husband took time off work to come and support because we were so worried that Zeb might misbehave and we would spend the day with him tied to the trailer. But, what actually happened was Zeb was completely at home at Lodge Farm and went beautifully. He really enjoyed the day. And, with the help of Adam’s wonderful instruction, Nellie’s confidence was given a hard-earned boost. The support from Mount Mascal Stables on days like this is invaluable to us.’

Mr Billy Fisher riding Khoda – who attended with his daughter Beth riding her pony Lancer - adds ‘This was a fun filled day for horses and riders and a super chance to build real skills that are hard to attain without this type of experience. When it was all over there wasn’t one face in the group that didn’t have a grin on from ear to ear.’

Fiona Jones said ‘While the weather was very cold and very windy, the ground was superb and everyone – riders and horses, especially those who had started rather less than sure – had tremendously increased in confidence and skill by the end of their day. While the variety of jumps provided interest all round, the ditch was a real highlight and the biggest challenge. But, by careful schooling, every combination enjoyed success and improvement. The results were visible in each partnership.’

Alison Window was delighted with the success of the day and explains ‘While we have our own cross-country facilities for practice and improvement, a day out is very important. Especially to prepare for competition, tests and examinations. Well done to everyone and thank you Lodge Farm from Mount Mascal Stables.’






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